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Mon, Jan 01


Online Course

MatrixGold Advanced Course

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MatrixGold Advanced Course
MatrixGold Advanced Course

Time & Location

Jan 01, 2024, 1:00 PM

Online Course

About The Event

  1. What is Curve Structur (ControlPoint, Edit Point, Knot, Span, Controlpolygon)
  2. Interpolated Curve Vs control Point Curve 
  3. Control Point Weight
  4. Tolerance Definition in MatrixGold 
  5. What is Degree in Curves (Degree 1, 2, ......, 11) and all Related Materials. 
  6. Continiuty definition in Curves ( Position G0, Tangency G1, Curvature G2)
  7. What is "Knot" Option in Curve Command bar? (ControlPoint, EditPoint,Knot) 
  8. Periodic Vs Non-Periodic Curves. 
  9. Advanced Cplane Tools. 
  10. Elevator Mode.( World Vs Cplane) 
  11.  Persist Object Snaps vs One-Shot Object Snaps(Complete Review and functions)  
  12. Fillet Non-Planar Curves 
  13. Fit Curve vs Rebuild Curve
  14. Advanced "Selection" Tools 
  15. Circle Deformation options 
  16. Surface View and Pull Back Technic 
  17. GemView Technic
  18. Cplane Adjustments. 
  19. Creat UV Curves definition 
  20. Trimmed vs Untrimmed Surafce 
  21. What is Isocurves. What is UVN. What is Normal. 
  22. Single Curvature or Double Curvature Surface. 
  23. How to Flatten Complext Surface. 
  24. Squish and Squish Back 
  25. Match Curve/Surface Vs BlendCurve/Surface 
  26. Naked Edge and Manifold Edge/Non-Manifold Edge 
  27. Surface Optimazation Technics (Surface Modeling  ) 
  28. In this course you will learn how to make a Surface instead of Polysurface.
  29. Rebuild Uniform vs Rebuild Non Uniform 
  30. Sweep 1 Options and Tricks (Simple Sweep Technic) 
  31. Sweep 2 Option and Tricks (Special Seam-Oriented Surface Technic)
  32. Loft Options and Tricks (Non-Uniform distribution Technic) 
  33. loft issues explanation. 
  34. Soft Edit Curve and Surafces 
  35. Move UVN / Drag Mode Review and Tips 
  36. Fully Understanding Curve network 
  37.  Orient 3Points Tips 
  38. "Setpt" Command Review and technics (Make Dome shape End of any surface)  
  39. Patch Definition 
  40. How to Merge Surfaces without any isuues. 
  41. Unroll vs Smash vs UVCurves 
  42. Untrim issues. 
  43. Shrink Trimmed Surface Technics for Match and Merge 
  44. Blend Curve/Surface (G0,G1,G2) in surface Modeling Tips 
  45. Twist, Taper and Shear Oprions Review(Infinity, Flat, Preserve Structure) 
  46. Splop vs Orient On Surface 
  47. Flow Along surface Options Review (New in Rhino7) 
  48. Flow Along Curve Options Review (New in Rhino7)
  49. Advanced "CageEdit" Options.(ControlPoint Object, Global vs Local) 
  50. Smart Flow, Smart Pattern, AutoBase, Texture Builder 
  51. Box Edit Technics for Overal Expansion/Shrinkage 
  52. How to make a new Macro Aliases ( Small Programming ) 
  53. Shell/Hollow Technics. 
  54. Fillet Edge Options ( Rolling Types Review ) 
  55. Cap Surface Technics.  
  56. Booleans Common Errors and Solutions. 
  57. Fully Gem Setting technics for Jewelry designers(Bead Setting, Prog Setting, MicroSetting, Pave Setting, illusion Setting, Channel Setting,Claw Setting, FrenchCut Setting,etc)  
  58.  Fully Manufacturing technics. 
  59. Locks, Clasp and Hinges.
  60. How to work with Mesh/ fully Mesh Commands and Menus. 
  61. How to add Pattern to your Hatch Library 
  62. How to add new Cutter to your Cutter Library.  
  63. Clayoo/SubD Rhino7

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